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Supersprint Turbo Downpipe With De-Cat - BMW 1 Series F2X M135i | 2 Series M235i/F87 M2 | 3/4 Series F3X 335i/435i

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Supersprint decat turbo downpipe

Connection to the turbo downpipe diameter 118mm, check the OEM part before the purchase.

Generally speaking the EU6 models are compatible. We recommend to ask the BMW dealer the OEM spare parts codes to see if they match the following, providing the VIN Number:

Downpipe 18 32 86 02 882
Turbo side gasket ring 18 30 758 19 70
Clamp turbo side 18 30 760 61 36


Requires the fitment of a ECU piggyback module or a ECU tune to avoid the Check Engine Light relative to the turbo boost pressure above recommended range. Requires also an O2 sensor cheater or the secondary lambda sensor must be deactivated through ECU reprogramming.