MASATA is more than just a brand; it's a passionate endeavor fueled by a dedicated group of automotive enthusiasts. Rooted in the heart of the United Kingdom, our journey began with a shared commitment to one singular objective: pushing the boundaries of performance.

At Masata, we do not believe in sub-standard quality or sub-par performance when it comes to enhancing car performance using performance parts. Hence why we have chosen the name Masata which is derived from the ancient Mayan language which directly translates to “Have No Fear”. We do not fear anything when it comes to pushing the performance of a car to the limit or increasing car performance whether it is tailored for tracking, or even just for daily drive use.

Since the beginning, all Masata products are designed by visionary engineers through combining cutting edge technology with highly skilled old age traditions. The combination of those unyielding minds turned Masata into a synonymous name when discussions about high quality performance parts arise, from chargepipes to intercoolers, to suspension systems, and has since been associated with high technology products to enhance performance and breaking limits in motorsport.

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