About Us

Evolve Automotive are an internationally operating tuning company delivering performance upgrades for European sports cars.

Our aim is simple - to bring engineered performance upgrades to like minded enthusiaists which work and that are not exaggerated in their power claims.  In addition to this our aim is to deliver the best service and after sales in the industry. We treat our clients as we would like to be treated.

Primarily we are an engine performance enhancing company utilising the latest in diagnostics equipment enabling us to deliver first class performance upgrades.  Our upgrades are extensively tested both on road and dyno to create not only the safest levels of performance but also those that more importantly offer enhanced on road drivability. Our continuous upgrade programme has made us very well known to be amongst the first on the market to upgrade the latest cars.

Outside of engine tuning we also assist customers in improving other aspects of their vehicles with a range of exhausts, body styling, wheels, brakes and suspension upgrades. We also provide dealer level servicing for BMW M Power Models at our HQ. 

For more information on our upgrades, please browse our website or alternatively please contact us for further information.