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Rod Bearing Replacement - BMW E60 | E61 M5 | E63 | E64 M6

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Rod bearings continue to be a sore subject among M3, M5 and M6 owners and in the S65 V8 have been known to fail within 60,000 miles. Rod bearings are wearing out sooner than expected and their replacement should be considered a required preventative maintenance item before 70,000 miles. 

When we carry out rod bearing replacement, the following parts are used

  • 10x MAHLE upper rod bearing shells
  • 10x MAHLE lower rod bearing shells
  • 20x ARP rod bolts
  • OEM Sump Gasket
  • OEM BMW oil pickup tube O-ring
  • Oil & Filter change - MOTUL 8100 Power 5w50
  • 2x Engine Mounts

We also provide an additional 1L MOTUL 8100 Power 5w50 for future top ups.

If car has earlier design Vanos line, we recommend updating this to the new design. Additional cost of £350

Please be aware that due to sub frame/steering rack removal, we recommend wheel alignment to be carried out.

Further information regarding Mahle bearings can be read from the .pdf - HERE