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RKP Carbon Fibre Roof Panel - Toyota Supra MK5

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Over the past decade, RKP has cut its teeth on the BMW aftermarket world—they’ve designed and manufactured some of the most coveted components for generations of M owners. With obvious BMW lineage strewn in the A90 Supra’s DNA, it seemed like a natural progression to then tackle what has come to be one of RKP’s staples: a carbon fiber roof panel.

The result is nothing short of exquisite. The factory “double bubble” roof is a a sight to behold now completely shod in carbon fiber. RKP designers have opted for a jaw-dropping 2x2 hand lain v-weave pattern to help accentuate this design cue and it sets the roof off perfectly.

Weight savings has become a critical aim of this project since the beginning; while the factory roof weighs in at 16.0lbs, the RKP full replacement panel shaves an impressive 9.0lbs off of that figure. In tandem with carbon fiber’s natural rigidity to improve chassis stiffness, shaving weight from the top of the car means a more favorable hp to weight ratio and a lower center of gravity.

Product Details:

  • Fits all A90 Supra
  • Improves chassis stiffness and reduces center of gravity
  • Available in unique v-weave (2x2 coming soon)
  • OEM Roof = 16.0lbs, RKP Carbon Roof: 7.0lbs
  • Designed and made in USA