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RKP Carbon Fibre Rear Spoiler - BMW 5 Series F90 M5

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One of the most effective ways to weigh product design is to measure how it is perceived over a long period of time. There are countless aero products that have initial “shock and awe” value, but lose their panache as they age. With RKP, our design philosophy has been rooted in creating a lasting effect, a truly timeless design that can be enjoyed and admired for years to come.

As physical testaments of our design success, our E9X M3 and F10 M5 programs continue to be highly sought after—our F8X M3 / M4 and F87 M2 components following suit.

A tall bar we’ve set then for the almighty F90 M5. Not to fall victim to the dreaded sophomore slump, we knew this F10 successor would have to bring something special to the table. From the moment the entire F90 was 3D scanned, several meetings were held to help infuse the new M5’s unique design aesthetics into our suite of aerodynamic offerings. It’s almost befitting to have the boot spoiler come at the tail end of our F90 program, a proverbial “cherry on top” of a comprehensive lineup.

As a prominent design feature with our M2 boot spoiler, the roof line channel was carried into new M5’s piece as well. This helps create some much welcomed continuity to the rear of the car and gives a subtle nod to a similar treatment we integrated into our front lip design. As you’d expect from RKP, the F90 spoiler is sculpted to cover the full width of the boot and offers a dynamic, upright curve to help promote extra downforce in addition to a stunning look.

To help bring further attention to the piece, the RKP F90 M5 boot spoiler is finished in hand lain 2x2 carbon twill and treated to a beautiful gloss.

Product Details: 

  • 2x2 carbon fiber construction
  • Perfect fitment
  • Fits all F90 M5, G30 5-Series
  • Instructions and adhesive promoter included
  • Made in USA