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Powerflex Dual Mount Diff Bracket - F8x M2/M3/M4

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Despite the F8x M2/M3/4 having the provision for two mounting bushes on the factory tubular subframe, BMW opts to use only a single offset bush to mount the diff bracket to the subframe. This essentially creates a pivot point for the diff under torque loading, especially if the 4x front diff bushes are worn and softened. 

With hard launch starts and sudden and frequent on-off throttle changes, this puts the single rear OE rubber bush through extreme torsional and directional forces, resulting in accelerated ageing with failure often seen at around the 30-40,000 mile mark and an unsettled and potentially clunky rear-end. 

The Powerflex Dual Mount Diff Bracket is made on their in-house CNC machine from 6082 High-Tensile Aluminium and is designed to utilise the secondary mounting position on the OE subframe. With the addition of a second bush, this prevents the diff from twisting under load, providing benefits such as:

  • Reduced drivetrain movement
  • Improved throttle response
  • A more controlled and consistent on-off throttle chassis response. 
  • Improved tyre-to-road power transfer reducing wheel hop
  • Reduced strain on fitted bushes 

The corrosion-resistant Satin Black Anodised Aluminium Bracket is optimised for high stress and deflection whilst withstanding high torque loads.

This can be fitted either as an add-on to the existing OE bush, or by replacing both bushes with either OE or uprated items.

Supplied complete with M14 bolt and thread locker.

This bracket replaces BMW part number: 33172284775