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Motul RBF 660 Factory Line Fully Synthetic DOT 4 Racing Brake & Clutch Fluid

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Motul RBF 660 Factory Line is a high performance, fully synthetic, polyglycol based brake fluid, exclusively featuring a very high boiling point. It minimises the air vents of the brakes thus improving aerodynamic drag. 


Recommended for all types of hydraulic actuated brake and clutch systems requiring non-silicone based synthetic fluid.

Specially designed to resist to extreme temperatures generated by carbon and ceramic racing brake systems. Can be also used with conventional steel discs and clutch systems actuators.

Dry boiling point: 328 °C / 622 °F
Wet boiling point: 204 °C / 399 °F

Avoid mixing this product with polyglycol based brake fluids with lower performances, and do not mix with silicone or mineral based fluids (LHM).


  • Provides the highest performance under racing conditions, where braking systems must operate at very high temperatures
  • Extreme thermal resistance and stability
  • Very high dry and wet boiling points are superior to conventional brake fluids (e.g. DOT 5.1 non-silicone base and DOT 4)
  • Enables effective braking during rain and under extreme conditions
  • Provides better aerodynamic performance by reducing air entrance for brake cooling