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MAHLE Motorsport Conrod Bearings - BMW F80 M3 | F82 | F83 M4 | F87 M2 (S55/N55)

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  • Applicable for BMW engines N55/S55
  • Sold as complete set (6 cylinders)
  • For use with unground crank

MAHLE Bearings

These bearings are manufactured in the UK to the highest quality by the very people who make bearings for F1 engines, as well as all other leading race series including Le Mans, NASCAR, MotoGP, WRC, DTM!

Nominal optimal clearance of 55micron (43 to 57 micron range) calculated using proprietary MAHLE Motorsport software that accurately predicts housing swell, bearings loads, oil film thickness and power loss. The same software is used to design Formula 1, Le Mans, NASCAR, MotoGP, WRC & DTM bearings!

Bearing Construction

Manufactured with high strength steel back with a cast bronze substrate and finished with a lead indium overlay, originally known as VP2. This unique structure gives a higher fatigue strength than other Race bearings along with better conformability. This exact material is still used in race engines in all major race series globally! This material should not be confused with other “tri metal” bearings. Other parts are sintered which gives a lower fatigue strength and use lead / tin overlay.