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Leib Cat & OPF Delete-R - BMW F | G Series - 6 Cylinder & 8 Cylinder (Bi-Turbo)

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LEIB OPF DELETE-R - remove the OPF, keep engine stock software.

Plug & Play installation without cutting or soldering. The Installation is possible without any prior knowledge through the online available and illustrated installation instructions. Alternatively, we recommend installation by a specialist workshop or one of our dealers. Automotive connectors are guaranteeing full functionality.

Main functions:

  • OPF DELETE-R | Mechanical removal of the OPF (gasoline particulate filter) without software adjustment

User information:

  • OPF DELETE-R | The LEIB OPF DELETE-R is installed in the engine compartment, residue-free retrofitting is possible at any time

Important information:

  • There will be NO error entry by using the LEIB OPF DELETE-R
  • The LEIB OPF DELETE-R is NOT recognized by a BMW Tester

*The pressure sensor shown is not part of the LEIB OPF DELETE-R

LEIB CAN MIL DELETE-R - no check engine light (CEL) after changing the catalyst(s) or OPF(s).

Main functions:

  • DELETE-R | The error entry that occurs by changing the catalyst(s) and/or the OPF(s) will be disabled. No error entry, no check engine light (CEL).

Important information:

  • The CAN BUS module is automatically DISABLED, if a BMW Tester is connected to the car.
  • There will be NO error entry by using the LEIB CAN MIL DELETE-R.