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Karbonius Carbon Fibre Airbox CSL - BMW E46 M3 / Z4M

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Fitting Available - Please email for a quote.

The BMW M3 E46 CSL it´s one of the famous and mythical cars on the world, and part of the success is due the carbon airbox . This intake generate what is probably one of the best noises of any sports car.

Our Karbonius CSL Style Airbox with 1,7 kgrs weight , made 100% in prepreg carbon fibre in autoclave at 125º in our facilities in Spain under ISO 9001 Management Quality System rules by qualified staff, It´s probably the best replica in the market.

Our KARBONIUS CSL STYLE AIRBOX it´s a replic of the original one based on 3D scan of the original one but presents several differences with the genuine BMW CSL Airbox. Among others:

1- Trumpets made in carbon fibre instead in plastic, what make our airbox even more light.
2- Diameter and shape of the trumpets modified, 51,5 mm diameter instead 50 mm and a round shape on the front of the trumpets contributes to a better airflow inside the engine.
3- Exclusive 6th trumpet design, the 6th trumpets it´s the less air gets , so we redesigned the shape of this trumpet to get more air and we constated 1hp gain with this modification.
4- We have also softened some shapes and varnished the interior, what contributes to minimize the turbulences inside the airbox .

Besides, it includes the CNC machined-made items of aluminium and then anodized , aluminium threads and stainless-steel screws. We put a lot of attention to match the weave in the different places of our intake , that´s why the piece presents a perfect match between both sides and also create a hermetic seal with a neoprene foam gasket between front/rear part.
Depending on the state of your car and mapping selected you could get up to 25HP, but sure you will get a better throttle response and a fantastic induction roar.

All our pieces are numbered, so its origin and authenticity are granted.

Kit includes:
• Airbox
• Bracket ventilation valve
• M POWER stick
• Certificate of authenticity

• Does NOT include air filter (available)

• Appreciable gain of power
• Aerodynamic design
• CNC machine-made items of aluminium
• Stainless-steel screws
• Great fitment guaranteed, simple installation
• Reinforced in all key points, crews, connectors, etc.
• Awesome sound
• 100% carbon fibre prepreg
• Cured in autoclave
• Exclusive and numbered piece
• Aggressive appearance
• 5 years warranty


• BMW M3 E46
• BMW Z3 M S54B32

Installation: Relatively easy assemble. Not necessary to perforate or cut anything. Apart from remap, some aditional parts (not included) are needed, Ask us if you need more info.

Installation Difficulty: MEDIUM

Warranty: Karbonius Airbox offers 5 years warranty against manufacturing defects.

Warnings: It is customer’s responsibility to check local laws for ensure legality when using this product on public roads and highways.

In KARBONIUS COMPOSITES we bet on the quality of our products, which are made 100 % of carbon fiber prepreg and cured in autoclave in our facilities in Spain, by a manual process, highly qualified personnel and under exhaustive quality controls. For these reasons, because we are conscious of the quality of all our products, Our experience in Composites manufacture and hundreds of clients satisfied all over the world are the primary brands of a company which aim is the satisfaction of the client through an exceptional product.

All our pieces are numbered, so its origin and authenticity are granted.