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Intrax Lowering Springs - BMW E39 M5

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LOWERS 30mm All Round

Intrax is a Dutch manufacturer of high-end suspension technology with over 30 years intense experience at the highest levels of racing/rallying. Intrax designs and produces shock absorbers, springs and suspension technology for Formula 1 cars, street cars and everything in between.

Lowering a car not only looks good, but it also increases road holding as the centre of gravity of the car is reduced. Intrax has lowering springs in stock for most cars. The next step is a complete shock absorber set. If possible, Intrax recommends a so-called coil over set.

The standard shock absorber and spring are developed as a combination. To get the best average combination, factories often drive more than half a million test kilometres. Just changing the spring makes a difference to a certain height. If you want to achieve much better road holding, a complete shock absorber set is the safest and best choice.