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Evolve Stage 2 Remap And Evolve-R With Cat Delete Pipes - BMW E90 | E92 | E93 M3

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The Evolve-R is our latest revolutionary hardware release, enabling customers to load our industry leading ECU software upgrade directly into their vehicles themselves, at home.

The Evolve-R is an OBD-II compatible device which connects to your vehicles OBD-II port and your laptop. via a supplied USB cable.

We call it revolutionary because no other tool can cover as many vehicle protocols. Our unit will cover most European models that we carry tunes for (new vehicles will be added weekly)

In the pack you receive there will be the Evolve-R OBD-II adaptor with USB cable

It is well known that the Primary cats are a major restriction point on the E9X M3. There are a number of solutions on the market including a full X Pipe which removes the primary cats or Primary Cat Delete/Test Pipes.

Primary Cat Delete/Test Pipes are designed for those who do not want to go the full X Pipe route and are happy to modify their existing X Pipe. It is the most cost effective way of releasing power from this car.

Our Primary Cat Delete/Test Pipes are the first in the market to use a slip on and clamp solution. This provides a solid/tight fit without the need for welding.

Gains are approx 35 BHP and 35 lb/ft torque with the cat delete pipes and stage 2 remap. 

About our M3 Tuning

Our S65 engine tune has undergone one of the most extensive range of updates in our whole range. The ability to gain consistent and measurable power throughout the rev range is a difficult and technical process that requires hundreds of hours of dyno time.

By re-calibrating ignition timing, VANOS timing, torque limiters and fueling, more power/torque is available at both partial and full load. Low end torque and top end power are the areas which improve the most and it is these very areas which need improvement. Peak power delivers between 15-20hp on a stock vehicle, more so on modified vehicles.

The Evolve software makes increases to power evenly and equally throughout the range, retaining the M philosophy of predictable, usable power.

On the Dyno

Most E90/E92/E93 M3’s will produce in the region of 405-415 hp on our dyno. 

Through careful remapping of the factory BMW DME tables, various elements such as ignition timing, fuel delivery, vanos position and part throttles are reworked to create performance gains.

The result is an M3 which feels far sharper and pulls harder through the rev band, especially over 4500rpm. Our engine tuning philosophy is to improve driveability and enjoyment. We do this by giving an increase in power and torque for the whole rev range, and not just a ‘glory’ BHP figure found at high rpm where you don’t spend the majority of your time. Our figures are also very conservative and can easily be replicated on other dynos.


  • Fully developed on dyno and road
  • Top speed limiter removal
  • Sharper throttle response and drivability

Please call 01582 584000/573801 or email to book your car in



Any modification to your vehicle has the potential to void your cars Manufactures Warranty. If in doubt, please check your terms & conditions before having the remap carried out.