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Evolve Damptronic Shock Absorbers - BMW 3 Series E90 | E92 | E93 M3

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Set of 2 front and 2 rear Damptronic shock absorbers

We have developed these dampers in conjunction with Bilstein UK over a period of years. As good as the original Bilstein dampers were, we wanted to tailor them for use with lowering springs and MSS Height Adjustable Springs.

We worked with Bilstein to change the valving to make the Comfort setting even more compliant and the Sport + setting slightly stiffer giving more range of damping given by the electronic modes in the EDC equipped E90, E92 and E93 M3

Not only that but a common complaint for all B6/B8 dampers is that they lift the front slightly. This wasn't something we wanted so with a lot of back and forth with Bilstein we have developed a slightly shorter damper body that solves this issue. (some lift may be evident when brand new comparing to a used damper due to the nature of how Bilstein uses a gas pressurised damper)

These dampers can be used with stock or any lowering springs on the market that work with stock dampers, including MSS Adjustable Springs. They will not work with KW HAS/BMW M Performance HAS.

We run these dampers with MSS springs on our own demo E92 M3 and the ride and handling characteristics are the best we've tested on this platform.