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Evolve Alpha N Remap - BMW Z4M

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Fitting Available - Please email for a quote.

Price includes IAT sensor and wiring loom and installation at Evolve.

The Z4M S54 engine responds well to the right type of ECU software.  Conventional methods of advancing the ignition timing under full load have little effect.  This is what the industry has seen over the years with no gain in power neither on the road or the dyno.  Typically we saw improvements in throttle response and nothing more. By recalibrating ignition timing, VANOS timing, torque limiters and fueling, more power/torque is available at both partial and full load. 

Low end torque and top end power are the main areas which improve the most and it is these very areas which need improvement. In terms of 'peak' power, between 15-20hp on a stock vehicle is available above 5000rpm, more so on modified vehicles. The Evolve software makes a significant change to how the E46 M3 drives and accelerates. A standard car will accelerate well up to 5500rpm but beyond that the power begins to fall. Once upgraded the power continues to climb leading to a far more linear power delivery.

Our engine tuning philosophy is to improve driveability and enjoyment. We do this by giving an increase in power and torque for the whole rev range, and not just a 'glory' BHP figure found at high rpm where you don't spend the majority of your time. Our figures are also very conservative and can easily be replicated on other dynos.


  • Additional 15-20bhp on a stock vehicle, more on modified vehicles
  • Enhanced throttle response and drivability
  • More torque, especially low-end

We can tune for any and all modifications as well as offer a host of options.



Any modification to your vehicle has the potential to void your cars Manufactures Warranty. If in doubt, please check your terms & conditions before having the remap carried out.