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Eisenmann Non Resonated Centre Pipe With X Pipe - BMW G81 M3 Touring

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Product information "Non-Resonated Center Pipe with X-Pipe for BMW M 3 Series Touring"
Bolt-On non-resonated center pipe with X-pipe. The Eisenmann Bolt-On non-resonated center pipe upgrades the Eisenmann Slip-On rear muffler to a full downpipe back Bolt-On exhaust system. !!ATTENTION!! Gasoline Particulate Filter (GPF) delete. Re-mapping of the ECU is necessary to avoid OBD error and DRIVETRAIN malfunction.

Version RACE! ***For Racing / Export only*** Not EG/CEE/EPA/CARB approved! Not road legalized. ATTENTION!! Operating license and insurance cover may expire in the event of infringement.

series: 3 Series Wagon
brand: BMW M
model: M3 Touring - 353 kW [S58] +/-GPF, M3 Touring Competition M xDrive - 375 kW [S58] +/-GPF
model series: G81
product: None-Resonated Center Pipe with X-Pipe