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CANCHECKED data display - Toyota GR Yaris

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Fitting Available - Please email for a quote.

MFD32 is rich in functions that can be used, but do not have to be.

Hardware: 3.2" TFT screen, touchscreen, MicroSD, MicroUSB
symmetrical display - therefore ideal for rotating it by 90°
Views directly on the display or with our DSS - Display Setup Software on the PC completely freely configurable
up to 64 widgets per display
64 sensors (Can Bus + internal)
4x analog inputs
2x speed input
optional external shift light
CAN bus switching


The most important engine and vehicle data:

engine speed
water temperature
oil temperature and oil pressure
transmission temperature
intake air temperature
Gear (calculated from speed and rpm)
Lambda value / AFR
ACTUAL and TARGET boost pressure
ignition angle
Rear differential clutch temperature
4x tyre pressure
4x tyre temperature