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Bilstein B16 PSS10 - Toyota GR Yaris

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The development was done entirely within the NTP company, starting from 3D drawings up to construction up to assembly and fine-tuning together with 3 Italian preparers.

In addition to the set-ups that can be tailor-made for cars participating in the Time Attack or that will be used as forklifts for Rally (or other uses for this small rocket), there are the set-ups for road-sport use in 3 options:

Bilstein B16 PSS10
Adjustable in height and calibration, the latter adjustable by means of a 10-click lever that adjusts extension and compression in parallel.

The setups are plug-and-play, consisting of Bilstein shock absorbers, Eibach springs and mounting plates. There is also the possibility of adjusting the front camber.