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AWRON Exhaust Valve Controller - BMW F90 M5 Competition

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Sound at the touch of a button!

With the AWRON CAN BMW flap control, you can open and close the exhaust flap at any time. One press of the exhaust valve button and the flap is operated independently of the sports mode. This allows you to enjoy the sound of your BMW whenever you want. The selected flap position is recalled after restarting the vehicle (memory function).


  • Exhaust flaps: Controllable via exhaust valve button
  • Sound tuning: The factory ASD (Active Sound Design, output of exhaust sound via the speakers) can be deactivated.
  • Start-Stop Deactivator: Permanently set whether MSA is enabled or disabled.
  • Configuration via Windows PC software and USB connection.

Important information

No error messages are generated in the error memory of the engine control unit. AWRON's BMW flap control is automatically deactivated when a BMW tester is connected to the vehicle OBD socket. To control the electric exhaust flaps, we use the existing exhaust valve button on the centre console.


  • F90 M5 Competition