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Alpha N Carbon Front Wings/Fenders - BMW G82 | G83 M4

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Alpha-N has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of performance and style. With Alpha-N's connection to BMW Motorsport and their track record of producing high-quality carbon parts, their latest G8X M2 / M3 / M4 components are no exception.

Anyone familiar with Alpha's carbon fenders for the latest G87-chassis M2 knows that their aero components are truly an exercise of form following function. As aero designs advance and motorsport applications make their way onto road cars, we once again see that Alpha-N is employing a proper functional design for airflow around the front of the car. Similar to their G87 fender set, Alpha's G82 M4 carbon fender set utilize similar upper fender louvers as well as side vent elements.

As air flows into the left and right coolers in the M4's front bumper and into the wheel wells, it can then escape out of the front fender louvers as well as the side vents in front of the doors. The mass evacuation of air from inside the front fenders reduces air pressure, increasing downforce.

Fender set construction is full pre-preg carbon fiber in a 4x4 weave with 2x2 upper vents. The Alpha-N G82 M4 Carbon Fender Set is as lightweight, stylish, and functional as they come; if you’re in the market for a fender set, there’s no better part.