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Alpha N Carbon Fibre Roof Panel - BMW 2 Series F87 M2 | M2 Competition

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Fitting Available - Please email for a quote.

The Alpha N Carbon roof for BMW F22 F87 M2 is made entirely of carbon fiber, so it can save about 5 kg compared to the original roof. Due to the weight reduction at the highest point of the car, the center of gravity of the vehicle shifts downwards, which is of particular interest for tracktools. 

Besides the weight savings, the design of the roof is particularly convincing. The inner edges are based on the optics of the M4 roof, whereby the M2 optically moves to the big brother optically. 

The roof is in the "double bubble" style, but is more aggressive than the OEM roof with the crease lines following almost to the front and rear edges of the roof. These lines follow the power bulge on the Edison carbon GTS bonnet

The roof can be ordered with or without clear lacquer. A clear lacquering is recommended for immediate use. If, however, the roof is to be painted in the desired color, the clear lacquer on the carbon is unnecessary and can be saved. 

Fits BMW F22 and F87 M2.

Roof aerial not included