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Pure Turbos 800 Turbo - BMW M140i | M240i | 340i | 440i (B58)

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Fitting Available - Please email for a quote.

BMW B58 Pure800 Stage 2 Upgrade turbos for BMW M140i, M240i, 340i & 440i with the B58 engine. You won't find a more reliable turbo that produce so much power on the market, developed and manufactured at the Pure Turbo HQ for the B58 platform.

You can expect around 560 - 586whp on 93 octane fuel only with supporting modifications, and around 700whp with upgraded HPFP, E50 and Meth.

Please Note: You will need to send in only your core turbo to be upgraded. (Any additional parts that you send may not be returned if sent together with the core)

Power Output

  • 586 whp on 98 Ron pump fuel
  • high 500's whp - low 600's on 99RON pump fuel, with meth, upgraded HPFP and FBO - 630 whp on a race gas / 98 Ron pump fuel, limited by the fuel system - 700 whp on E50 with meth, upgraded HPFP and FBO
  • 734 whp on E85, upgraded Stage 2HPFP and FBO @ 30 - 32 psi - 542whp @23psi


  • Custom Billet Compressor wheel
  • Custom Turbine wheel
  • CNC Machined
  • High Speed VSR Balanced

This is a trade-in listing, which requires you to send us your stock B58 turbo (non-damaged) to be upgraded If you cannot send us your turbo If your turbo are still on the car and you cannot remove them and send it to us prior, you can pay a £1620 Deposit which will be returned to you once we have received your non-damaged B58 stock turbo back.