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Cobra Subframe - Toyota GR Yaris

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Cobra Subframes are required to fit some Cobra seats into your car. Most of Cobra's road seats require a tailored Cobra subframe. Most of their track day and competition seats use Side Mounts. Cobra Subframes have been designed to bolt straight into specific vehicles. Whatever is required to fit a Cobra seat into the specified vehicle is included - it can be a complete subframe, or a simple set of adapters, depending on what is needed for fitment. Cobra Subframes include a sliding mechanism - the subframe bolts to the car in the usual way and the seat bolts to them. It is suitable for 2 or 4 door vehicles. The seat simply slides forward for access the back seat of 2 door cars. Cobra Subrames are designed to be used with Cobra base-mounted seats. If you have any queries regarding fitment please contact us. This subframe is designed to fit these types of Cobra seats: Cobra reclining seats (with a bolt pattern of 405mm left to right and 330mm front to back) Cobra Nogaro seats